1. 2013 Movie Challenge

    146. Avatar (2009, James Cameron)

    Amidst all of my researching I can’t escape this movie and I haven’t seen it since it was first released in theatres (for the record, I really liked it in theatres) but never felt the need to see it again because it seemed like a theatre-specific film if there ever was one. 

    Anyways so I rewatched this one, the library had a flat copy (not that I have a 3D TV so it wouldn’t matter even if they had a 3D copy) and in some way it exceeded my expectations (of what I remember) and in other ways it was worse than I remembered.

    The main thing that I disliked was that it was so long and at points just felt interminable. Where it improved on my memory though was in the narrative. I guess I just fell into the habit after the film came out and everybody was talking about the lack of narrative/weak narrative/stupid narrative, of assuming that it just lacked narrative in general which really isn’t the case. True, the story in this film isn’t entirely original, but it is a narrative and one that makes sense and is generally good. I made the mistake of conflating unoriginal and nonexistent. 

    Somewhere in my research I read some statistics that Avatar had done really well on the home market which I thought was surprising, if people couldn’t see it for the theatre effects and it didn’t have a narrative, why were they rewatching it on their TVs at home? So it turns out it does have a narrative and while I still prefer it on the big screen, its not entire unworthwhile (making up words yay!) in general. 

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