1. 2013 Movie Challenge

    121. The Hunt (2012, Thomas Vinterberg)

    This movie was insane. It wasn’t actually crazy, but terribly evocative. What a horrible story, and by story I mean scenario, its actually a very good story and well told - although to be honest I didn’t find anything particularly interesting about the way it was told, it was very straightforward, cause-and-effect, one thing after another. 

    There’s something deeply disturbing about stories wherein a child’s lie has disastrous results for an adult. This film all the moreso because it spends less time examining the child (whose motivations are clear) and more time implicating the adults who take over. The adults repeat throughout the film that the child has a big imagination, but it becomes clear, I think, that the adults do as well.

    This film poses some really difficult and uncomfortable questions about trust and taking sides.

    There are few films which have overwhelmed me to the point where I need to look away from the screen or pause it for awhile, both of which I experienced with this film. 

    I can’t recommend it to most people because it is for the most part pretty upsetting, for me though, the end justified the means. Getting to the endpoint felt like a victory for me, and also, I thought, totally worthwhile, but obviously would have been meaningless without the entire film preceding it. The very ending though…chills.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough. Massive props to Mads Mikkelsen. I feel like this movie is going to stick with me for ages.

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