1. 349 - The Decoy Bride (2011, Sheree Folkson)

    Eleven months ago I excitedly posted that they had finally released a trailer for this movie and here I am, not even a year later, very nearly sick of this movie. This was definitely my go-to movie in 2012 for girls nights and movie nights with non-film friends as it is upbeat, casual and just this side of inane that I can stand watching it multiple times (David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald help, obviously). I get very self-conscious when friends (and I hate the term non-film friends, but I just mean friends of mine who aren’t necessarily as into movies as I am, who don’t really stray outside north American theatrical releases) ask me to suggest a movie to watch or want me to bring a movie for movie night. So I suggest this one. I like it, and tonight, for example, my mom wanted to watch something with me that wasn’t “heavy” or “old” so this fit the bill. But all the same I think I’m going to shelf it for awhile now. 

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