1. 345 - Saved! (2004, Brian Dannelly)

    I really like this movie. 

    I wish Macaulay Culkin was in more movies. For awhile there it seemed like Jena Malone was in every edgy teen movie, I think now she’s migrated to TV that I don’t watch. You know what I don’t miss? Mandy Moore and her contractual stipulations which devoted a percentage of the soundtrack to her own songs*.

    These are just random notes I guess as I’m sure (having seen this movie a few times) that I’ve written about it somewhere in the past. I suppose I used to think this film was outrageous and exciting, but now I think the irony is a bit obvious and I suppose that’s partially a product of it being a teen movie and me no longer being a teen. 

    *assumptions and not facts.

    EDIT: I just had a thought, if I’d had a kid when I was 17 that kid would be like 7 or 8 by now and that’s so weird to think of. What a different life I’d be leading. 

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