1. 196 -Night Across the Street(2012, Raul Ruiz)

    I have never, in my recent memory, been so eager for a film to be over. I wish I had this time back. There was nothing in this film that was really all that offensive and yet…it just went on and rambled existentially. I felt like I was a) not old enough for the subject matter b) not aware enough of Chilean history and c) not awake enough to put in the effort evidently required to follow this film. At the outset I was very excited to see how this would come together. At a certain point I went from reading and thinking about what I was reading (subtitles) to just reading them blankly and waiting for the end. Then I wanted to sleep but had invested too much time into it already to let myself.

    Bah. So much for my low-profile film of the festival. Gracie and I agreed that we’d like to read some good reviews of the film to find out what we missed.

  1. lafiebre said: Hate the feeling of wasted times with movies …
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